NaijaPikin is live! Join us on NaijaPikin where we aim to bridge the gap between our Talks and Actions.

Bridging the Divide, from Talk to Action

NaijaPikin is live!

Published on Wed, Nov 14 2012 by Pikin-In-Chief
It's been a long time coming, but we are here now! NaijaPikin is officially live.
Join us on NaijaPikin where we aim to bridge the gap between our Talks and Actions. It's long overdue!
Nigerians are innovative, enterprising people with huge problems. We need a more meaningful path to overcoming our problems. We believe the path starts with organizing our people around meaningful and promising actions on all fronts. We know that when we work together we do great things!
To that end, we have developed a project management tool for our folks to really work together developing their ideas. No matter where you are on the Globe, we can work together to advance our own passions.

Projects on NaijaPikin

Start a project on NaijaPikin and you can put your ideas in front of other like-minded Nigerians who will see the value in your efforts, promote and build support for it, recruit smarter people to work with you, organize your team, create tasks, delegate work, responsibilities and much more. Yes, using NaijaPikin to launch, promote and grow your project, we want you to actually get things done!
And best of all, we are making all these absolutely FREE!
We have a lot more in store; we will be releasing a video demo of Projects on NaijaPikin soon. But if you are eager to start, well it's free to do so, just start your project.
Finally, if you like what we are trying to do, help us! Share us with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Follow us and consider joining any one of our current projects to contribute. The NaijaPikin Community Support project is a good place to start.
We welcome comments, questions, concerns. Leave a comment below or contact us privately here. 


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