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Bridging the Divide, from Talk to Action

Tools for getting stuff done fast!

Published on Thu, Nov 29 2012 by Pikin-In-Chief
We have a lot to do, please note the tools that are available to get things done fast!:
  • Invite friends - to invite folks you think would enjoy working with us on this, and help us out. Use it to send and schedule automatic resend of quick, and now personalized invitations. 
  • Send email - you can send an email to other team members or groups using this tool. Its pretty straight forward.
  • Tasks - NaijaPikin is all about actually getting stuff done. So use it to create tasks for yourself or other team members. 
  • Articles - We want folks to contribute their thoughts to our idea pool; you can use it to work on long-form content until you are done and ready to publish it online.
We will be providing a video showing off each of these tools as we put them out, so keep a look out for those.


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