The need to work together and the power of organized mass action

Bridging the Divide, from Talk to Action

The need to work together and the power of organized mass action

Published on Sun, Jan 20 2013 by Pikin-In-Chief
NaijaPikin, the year is 2013, and Nigeria is officially 53 years old. In mere human terms, Nigeria is middle aged and neck deep in midlife crisis.
The question today: should Nigeria continue as one nation under God, or should we just give up, split up and call it quit?
Whatever your position on the issue, NaijaPikins everywhere are in accord on one thing. Our main problems have not changed over the years. Same leadership problems. Same infrastructure problems. Same corruption, injustice and inequalities. And the same old, tried and tired approach to resolving them: sectarian hijack of Government via the cut-throat competitive sport of politics and military.
It has not worked for 53 years and it will likely not work in the foreseeable future. The reason is clear enough; the sort of change we want, and desperately need, do not happen top down, but bottom up. No government policy can mandate a commitment to our collective self. Repeating the national anthem and pledge daily will not make us believe it. In any case, we did try that already. War against Indiscipline? Yeah, worked for a while, but here we are now.
It's time to try another approach; not doing so is clinical insanity.
So here is an idea. Find something you care about, find others that care about it, and work together to try and make a little difference. Here at NaijaPikin, we believe individuals working together can and do often make a difference. This is the power of collective mass action. This is how real change is brought about.
As a people, Nigerians need to work together more now than ever. Every year, the prospects of meaningful, progressive and permanent change for our people becomes dimmer and dimmer. Wealth is not our problem, we have more than others. Human resources? Material resources? Again, we have more than others.
What we do lack is a commitment to a greater good, and consequently principled leadership. Why is up to debate, but the time for debate is not now. Now is the time for action. The path to real change begins with each of us and our individual commitment to our Collective Self.
At NaijaPikin, we believe in empowering all NaijaPikins to work together by providing FREE tools to collaborate and engage. Whatever your passion, we aim to help you succeed at it. So join us today, see how and where you too can make a difference!

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