The amazing power of finger pointing

Bridging the Divide, from Talk to Action

The amazing power of finger pointing

Published on Tue, Jan 22 2013 by Pikin-In-Chief
The power to achieve nothing is at your finger tips. Exercise this daily simply by lifting it and pointing it at somebody else. Go ahead, give it a try. It does feel good, doesn't it?
However, has your reality changed? Are your concerns magically redressed? Of course nothing has changed. Sure, in the heat of the moment, it certainly feels good to blame someone else for our troubles. Yet still, these infuriating problems remain unresolved. This bottom line is all that matters.
Finger-pointing is not all that helpful. Save for persisting the status quo, finger pointing does no good at all.
It's time to stop finger pointing and start contributing. If there is a problem that annoys the hell out you, how about doing something about it? How about concentrating on whatever can be done about it? How about helping in any way you can to create the change you want? How about lifting that finger, not to point, but in support of anyone and everyone making an effort to do something about it?
There are solutions to all our problems, but these will be found with our individual participation. Granted, your individual contribution alone may not move the needle at all, but in the company of others, you can effect Change.
NaijaPikin is all about taking action. Find a passion, find an issue, find a project. Participate and contribute to effect positive change. We are eager to help and support all ideas and initiatives. Join us and see how you too can make a difference.
At NaijaPikin, we believe in empowering all NaijaPikins to work together by providing FREE tools to collaborate and engage. Whatever your passion, we aim to help you succeed at it. So join us today, see how and where you too can make a difference!

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