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Bridging the Divide, from Talk to Action

Rewarding Community Participation

In an open, merit based community like NaijaPikin, we need to be able to track and reward contributions made by our volunteer members to our talks and our actions.
Our solution is the reward points system.
The reward points system
It's a simple plan. You earn points for tasks and actions that is beneficial to the community. 
You lose points for bad or negative behavior. 
Here is our complete list of actions and rewards.
1Start a new topic5.00 POINTS
2Start a new project50.00 POINTS
3Submit a news alert2.00 POINTS
4Write an article5.00 POINTS
5Comment on any topic1.00 POINTS
6Join A Project5.00 POINTS
7Edit news story2.00 POINTS
8Provide creative design for any article2.00 POINTS
9Rate any content0.25 POINTS
10Complete a project task5.00 POINTS
11Edit any article2.00 POINTS
12Complete project milestone10.00 POINTS
13Review any article2.00 POINTS
14Publish an article0.50 POINTS
Start a new topic for discussion in any of our issues.
Create a new project, recruit a team, set goals, create tasks, drive community attention to it and make your initiative successfully.
See a breaking news story on any news website that is significant to any of our issues? You can submit them to the community and tell us why it is important to follow.
Write an original content, article, or column.
Provide an insightful comment on a discussion.
Join a project to contribute.
Serve as an editor on a submitted news story.
Serve as a designer of any creative media ( graphic, video, audio ) for any article.
Rating any content helps everyone find the best content. Surfacing the best content is critical to keeping the site very useful for all members. 
Help get a project task completed.
Serve as an editor of any article content.
Manage execution of tasks by team members to complete a set project milestone.
Serve as a reviewer for any article content.
Publish articles ready for distribution to the appropriate distribution channels.
You can contribute to the discussions shaping our rewards program by commenting below.  
How does it work?
You earn or lose points based on your contributions to the community. 


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